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Return a price for an absolute percentage on open, high, low, close, OHLC/4

Dear Sir,
I wish to place a buy order eg. Reliance at 98% of previous day open/high/low/close/ohlc4 (OR place a sell order at 102%) after rounding it to 5 Paisa. I tried Price tab but not able to get precisely because it is simple multiplication. I suggest to include in your new feature "Custom Results" in the Pre-cols or Custom Columns dropdown boxes. Thank you. Good Day and Happy Week End.
Posted by 7LL Posted on : 25-Jun-2021

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 25-Jun-2021

Did you tried Custom template for search results? It does support OHLC /4 for Tick , previous Tick / EOD.

regarding calculation of 2% of that, we will have to see how it fits in larger scheme of things.
Site Admin

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