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Why all stocks in NSE/BSE are not listed in this site? Are some of the stocks intentionally ignored? Hope, most of people like me, are highly relying on this site for picking stocks for trading,it would be helpful if all stocks are listed.
Posted by Raja Posted on : 04-Feb-2015

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 06-Feb-2015
Hi Raja,

That is correct. We do not have all 5K stocks for analysis. We started with nifty 50, then fno and then some midcap and then added stocks based on users request. Multiple reason for this approach
1. Some stocks because of low mar cap and poor volume tend to give too many false signals. They are not ideally suited for TA.
2. Some capacity limitation.

Since we started five year ago, we have gradually added stock those either fulfilled the criteria or some requested by visitors. Some stock which some time back didn't fulfil criteri may not fulfill. Keep recommending, we will try to add if we can.
Site Admin

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