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Stocks crossing/touching Middle BB band(20 day SMA)

First of all, i would like to thank this site admin. I am making profits because of you.Keep up this good work.

My wish is,
Although this site provide enormous updates about stock daily, i feel like we would get more benefit if you add this technical indicator as well.
Posted by Raja Posted on : 10-Jan-2015

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 17-Jan-2015
yeah, we will add them too. When we go for next upgrade.
Site Admin

Posted by Raja
Posted on: 16-Jan-2015
You can also include Bollinger band squeezing or squeezed indicator which is the major indicator for Breakout.

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 11-Jan-2015
Hi Raja,

We are glad that site helps you. We are purely adding stuff that our visitors are requesting and this week we should be releasing Fibonacci retracements and trendlines in charts.

We have few other items in pipeline once they are done, we should be working on Bollinger Band based more detailed analysis. Its long time, almost 5 years since we touched them, it definitely needs enhancement.

Please share other features in bollinger based trading that you wish to have We will try to incorporate them as well.
Site Admin

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