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To be able to filter stock on basis of multiple patterns at once

I currently have to go through a cumbersome process to select stock. If you can include all (at least a few) the below steps in a seamless process, it will be super. Think this is how all investors should do so anyways. I am ready to help you with the same if you want.

1. I check for patterns on TSR- looking for stocks with more than one pattern or indicator. This is a painful process as i have to go through different patterns and indicators one by one, copy the data. Combine that on excel using vlookup. Then filter the patterns to see which stock is meeting all my criteria. This is very cumbersome.

2. After this first round, I want to make sure that the fundamentals of these stocks are okay and apply filters to eliminate bad choices. I check each of these stocks on and filter out bad ones.

3. Then i go to chart-nexus and check individual stock patterns for each and verify whether it is a false signal or really good. I also check for additional patterns which are not covered by TSR- Donchian channel (55 day) and trend analysis with three bar highs and lows.

4. Then I calculate the probabilities of gain ( rough estimates based on heights of patterns), and allocate available money to maximize profits yet limit risk to 1% per stock ( fixed fractional method) ( this leaves out many stocks as money is limited).

5. I check for fundamental news in the market about the stock- quarter results, dividend dates, other news- mark them as positive, highly positive, neutral, negative, highly negative.

6. Finally, I invest this money and track these bought stocks on via the portfolio. I also track the pattern on chart-nexus by adding to the portfolio there as well.

Please see if you can implement this work flow as many traders attempt to do this but don't follow due to difficulty.

Posted by Anuj Posted on : 16-May-2015

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 03-Jul-2015
Hi Anuj,

You can now create Custom Screener, Alerts, Portfolio and watch list at Custom Watchlist. We hope it serves some of your needs.

We are working making the site even more useful to you in coming days. Stay Tuned

TSR Team
Site Admin

Posted by Sriram
Posted on: 19-May-2015
can you please include F&O filter to this custom screener.

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 17-May-2015
Hi Anuj,

Its good to know such a meticulous Analyst visits our site regularly. At the same time I regret inconvenience. We strive towards giving lot of value with least amount of effort. With latest being Custom Screener. While we do not promise you take away all your pains particularly 'Latest News' , detailed fundamental analysis but we can fill in other gaps.

After Custom Screener, we are working on very user friendly Portfolio Tracker followed by custom alerts and many more.

On missing screener, you are always welcome recommend them and we will be happy to add in the site. Believe us for last two year all the enhancements on the site are implementation of requests by users like you.

We will touch base with you in few weeks time to see possibility of eliminating manual steps like excel by building a tool. Such a tool is likely to help other visitors too.

Thanks again for visiting the site and taking time to write to us
Site Admin

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