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Trend Reversal using Commodity Channel Index oscillator data for 20 periods/30p

Thank you very much for providing excellent research data for free. I am really thankful to you. I have been using this manual technique with good outcomes. Please see the methodology below.

Consider CCI values four latest trading days.
CCI value of Day 1 = C1 Oldest date
CCI value of Day 2 = C2
CCI value of Day 3 = C3
CCI value of Day 4 = C4 Most recent date
Result: Print names of all stocks that fulfill the following condition.
C1>C2 AND C3>C2 AND C4>C3 This is a condition to go long
Result: Print names of all stocks that fulfill the following condition.
C1<C2 AND C3<C2 AND C4<C3 This is a condition to go short
Posted by Guest Posted on : 18-Apr-2015

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Posted by Guest
Posted on: 02-Aug-2015
why c1> c2 and not c2>c1?
I too support this requirement.
And add CCI Screener with values of CCI for two/three periods appearing with "and" and "or" function, in multiple time frames including intraday.

Posted by Ameya
Posted on: 24-Apr-2015
Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Shall look forward to see some positive outcome soon.


Posted by Admin
Posted on: 20-Apr-2015

Thanks for providing details with your requirement. It clearly tells how important is this requirement for you and rightly so. We will try to more analysis on it and add them ASAP. In the mean time we are adding many more features in coming days that will add value to tech analyst like you.
Site Admin

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