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Volumne column in email alerts

I had setup an SMS alert but did not receive SMS. Is it not working?
Then I setup email alerts and I received it. It gave me stock details with EOD and Intraday Price along with timestamp. However, I wish to request you to add volume for selected tick. Looking at price without volume is of no use. If you add volume data also in the email alerts, it will be very useful. Thanks
Posted by Maxi Posted on : 18-Mar-2021

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Posted by Maxi
Posted on: 19-Mar-2021
Thank you for your reply.
A link to report consisting complete results is a very good thought. Kindly share the link whenever it is deployed and ready to use.
I understand too many people would want too many things in email alerts and it may also create confusion. However, atleast one column for present volume will add value to the email alert as price and volume go hand in hand. This is the only thing I would say to justify my wish. Thanks

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 18-Mar-2021
Hi Maxi,
On SMS, alerts we will add quota for you
On Email alerts, additional fields , quite interesting thought.
Purpose of alert is to filter out stocks that matches your criterion rather than a report. We do provide a link to report where you can easily view complete results. What may be useful is archiving of Alerts with timestamp which is anyway available in basic form, We are at design stage for archiving complete report once done as it will give you huge flexibility on what you view.
Regarding usefulness of fields , there is no dearth of it. Some may want sector, some may want trend strength some may want MA....
On volume, we agree, it is quite important, but challenge is to compare with
a. Previous Vol,
b. x period Vol Avg
c. Previous vol at same time of alert vs previous day.
To avoid confusion we have not added it. However if you have good justification we will be happy to consider it.
Site Admin

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