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Way to choose columns from conditions to be part of the result


I have following custom screener:

Price Above 30
OHLC Compare : Latest Tick (Current Screener Tick) High Below Previous (P-1) Tick (Current Screener Tick) High
OHLC Compare : Latest Tick (Current Screener Tick) Low Above Previous (P-1) Tick (Current Screener Tick) Low
Close Price Near 25 % Of One Year High
Close Price Above 10 Period SMA
10 SMA Above 30 SMA

Following columns are part of the result:
1. Name
2. Code
3. Price
4. Latest Tick Low Price
5. Tick-1 Low Price
6. 1Y High
7. sma10
8. sma30

I was expecting addition two columns as those are part query:
1. Latest Tick High Price
2. Tick-1 High Price

Is there any way to expect these columns in the result set? Can we have some fix around this? I need to export result into CSV for further manipulation.

Thanks and Regards,
Posted by Deepak Posted on : 18-May-2021

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 08-Jun-2021
Hi Deepak,
Thank for taking time to write back to us.

In Same line as 'Run Screener' you have a new option 'Custom Results'. We have few prebuilt template but you can go ahead and create you own by clicking 'Create Template'

It follows very similar pattern as creation of watchlist. . If you are not familiar with Watchlist then we recommend you to take a small Tour on Watchlist

You feedback is appreciate and will help us to serve you better.
Site Admin

Posted by Deepak
Posted on: 08-Jun-2021
Hello Admin,

Thank you very much for implementing this feature. I am checking out this feature. Will get back to you.
By the way do you have documentation on how to use this feature?

Thanks and regards,

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 06-Jun-2021
Dear Deepak,
We are all set to add this feature before start of the Day Tomorrow. (7th Jun)
In the upgrade you will have an option to choose 'custom column list' as Pre / post to default column set. Or even replace it with your own column set.
Site Admin

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