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Whole Numbers Support


I would like to request to have a screener of all NSE/BSE stocks updated on daily basis which are near to their whole numbers. i.e. stocks near Rs.50, 100,150,200,250,300 and so on at least till Rs.1,500. This screener might be little lenghty. However, I am very sure that such kind of screener is one of those used by Algoz to scan and trade.

Stock near range can be considered as 1%. e.g. 1) If stock price is Rs.50 then its 1% range would be Rs. 0.50 Paisa. 2) If stock price is Rs.1,500 then its 1% would be Rs.15.

Please also add pattern date.

Much Appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,
Posted by Sanket Posted on : 03-Feb-2015

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Posted by Sanket
Posted on: 09-Feb-2015

Thanks for considering the request.

About 1%; the fact I mentioned this tolerance is fairly to time the market.

5 days avg.vol. will definitely assist to trade only liquid stocks.
Higher high and lower lows comparing to last 1/2/3 days columns would also assist to imagine the price action very quickly.

This scenario carry highest probability than other scenarios. Nevertheless, we and all participant's know Market is a Laboratory.

Thanks again for all support.It's highly appreciated.


Posted by Admin
Posted on: 04-Feb-2015
wow, I knew that such numbers have significance but never though of adding a screener :D. Thanks for the requirement. We could easily add them. Lets discuss it more. Is the requirement limited to nearing whole Numbers with 1 % tolerance? or do you have some more scenario in mind. When we write screener, we can fine tune with less effort but once a code is in live change effort is at least 5 to 10 times more. So lets discuss at length. What additional field you want in the screener. Volume/ Average vol, Some period high, some mov avg , trend or any other indicator?
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