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alerts in our email or mobile

I am using your site for my trading and I found it very informative and it helps me alot in taking my trade decisions. My wish is that can you provide us the triggered alerts in our email or mobile as soon as they get triggered.
Second In myTSR watch list the SHOW tab is fixed at 15 entries for viewing, when we change it to our requirement say 50 entries, it automatically changes back to 15, whenever it is updated. So Cant we fix it as per our choice in MYTSR atleast so that it remains as per our need of viewing even after updating. Is it possible to have a telephonic conversation with you team so that things can be discussed more clearly. If yes please feel free to call me any time

Puneet Vaid
Posted by Puneet Posted on : 19-May-2020

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 19-May-2020
Hi Puneet
Its good to know that you find our analytics useful.
On Alerts , We are working on comprehensive alert engine including intraday/strategy alert. Its just few weeks away.
On MyTsr watch list, we hope to make changes this weekend.
And please feel free to write for any queries/requirements.
Site Admin

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