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customised excel output alert requirement

hi, your screen is really helpful. i wanted a customized live alert output from your website on excel in a specific form. Am willing to pay for development fee as well. (Max - 5k)
its a very easy and small development project.
kindly mail me at if you are up-to it.
Posted by piyushison Posted on : 23-Nov-2020

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 23-Nov-2020
Hi piyushison,
Thank you for showing interest in our product.
We can create a custom report in a web-based tabular format and also can generate an web based alert for you.
However, exchanges are very stringent when it comes to CSV / EXCEL download. We have requested exchange to allow us to do so but no answers yet.
Please do share your requirement to the mail we sent.
Note : Lot of the tools who provide excel download may not be doing in legal way.
Site Admin

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