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delivery % and buyer seller ratio during intra day tick.

I request you to kindly give feature in custom screener to add delivery% of any stock and buyer/seller ratio of the stock at particular moment. these details are easily available on NSE website during market hours. which can be easily obtained from there.

delivery% : it helps us to know that how many are actually buying or taking the delivery of this stock and are bullish for future.
buyer/seller ratio : it might indicate the status of demand over supply at particular time.

Posted by Himani Gupta Posted on : 24-May-2021

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Posted by PiK
Posted on: 29-May-2021
Good suggestion! Even if that data is updated on delayed basis (15 mins to 30 mins), it's workable for me.

Posted by maxwin11
Posted on: 28-May-2021
Excellent suggestion. This must be implemented.

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 25-May-2021
Dear Himani,
Its an excellent requirement. Unfortunately we do not have access to that data. If you know of any tool / site (other than NSE / BSE) showing it then do share the info. We will also try to license that data.
Site Admin

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