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please dont reoraginze the segment chart patterns keep it as old please

as you have reorganised screener that is very difficult toonstudy please keep it as old
u have changed daily resistance breakout
please dont do that
humble request to you
please make it as old site please
Posted by Guest Posted on : 30-Mar-2021

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 30-Mar-2021
Thanks for the feedback. The older model was great, and intuitive when you spent some time on it. But it had some limitations.
We have almost rewritten / rewriting the screeners to add lot better functionality. Once you spend some time the way did in previous version you will appreciate the newer version.
Regarding navigation, you can always bookmark your favorite ones without having to move back and forth.
use MyTsr. It gives you much superior usability.
Stay tuned, we are introducing more variation of trend line screener like rising , falling trendline this week. including breakout. Also you should be seeing more variety of chart patterns in coming days.
BTW did you tried to click the charts on the screener, we have done points highlighting .
Site Admin

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