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portfolio section

Great job...thumbs up... each time going to different stocks thru starting alphabet is very tedious. Can u make us choose a list of stocks that each person is interested in tracking and save it, so that we can instantly go to the stocks that we r interested in from the list that we have saved as our portfolio. Thanks a lot for ur grt efforts.
Posted by Lakshmi Posted on : 06-Jul-2014

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 03-Jul-2015
Hi Lakshmi ,

You can now create Alerts, Portfolio and watch list at Custom Watchlist. We hope it serves your needs.

We are working making the site even more useful to you in coming days.

TSR Team
Site Admin

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 07-Jul-2014
Hi Lakshmi,

Completely agree that choosing a stock from Alphabetic listing is not convenient. While we make it convenient as a long term fix here are some easier options for time being

1. Use Customized Google Search for our site. It is in top right side of each page 2. We have added a widget to add the page in your favorite social networking site or browser bookmark.

On Portfolio, We are working towards making it . We have replied to a similar request at stock watch-list.

Please feel free to add your detailed request. We are still finalizing the requirement.

Site Admin

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