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searching a new stock on the same screen as in the interactive charts or any other screen.

Firstly I should appreciate your efforts to give us such a wonderful information. Keep on the good work, as this helps a learner like me a lot.

When we go to the interactive charts screen (or any other screen), after the current stock chart is viewed, to view a chart of a new stock, there should be a option to enter and search the stock. There is no such option now, I believe. I have to select the back arrow and then go to the list in the Trending stocks list.
Posted by Guest Posted on : 19-Jul-2014

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 28-Jul-2014

That is a very good requirement and has been requested by number of other visitors also. We are working on it very aggressively and hopefully we will be able to bring out soon.

Site Admin

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