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stock screener suggestion

hi i have subscribed to your website and am quite happy
i have a suggestion for classification in data of stocks trending down and up
can we have classification as per the price , i do not buy stocks less then Rs 100 as a rule
so wehn i look at stock trending down i have to see the entire list whioch is quite big , if we had a command button for classification with price it would help a lot , straight away i can go to my desired information
Posted by naimesh Posted on : 23-May-2021

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 23-May-2021
Hi Naimesh,

Good to hear that MyTSR is helping you.

Have you tried custom Screener. In custom screener you have an option of choosing price also

In Prescreened , which we believe you are using. In this you can sort by results by price. And ignore values less than Rs 100.
Site Admin

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