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trending down shares be classifies as per their prices

Hello Sir,
I suggest that tredning down shares should be in order of thier prices from higher price to lower price , in the list stocks trending down we have to go through all the stocks , it would be much more easier if we have descnding order of the prices
Posted by naimesh Posted on : 01-Jun-2021

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 01-Jun-2021
Dear Naimesh,
Feature already exist


1. Go to (MyTSR)

2. Choose Screrener From Menu

3. Select Chart Pattern Screrener

4 Select EOD Trend in Category (last option)

5 Choose Sub-Category -/ Screener

6 Results is displayed

7 You have an option to choose Stock Basket

8 In the results Click on CurrentPrice Field column name.

You will have ascending / Descending listing by Price.
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